/tɒp / (say top)

1. the highest point or part of anything; the apex; the summit.
2. the uppermost or upper part, surface, etc., of anything.
3. the higher end of anything on a slope.
4. a part considered as higher: the top of a street.
5. the part of a plant above ground, as distinguished from the root.
6. (usually plural) one of the tender tips of the branches or shoots of plants.
7. that part of anything which is first or foremost; the beginning.
8. the highest or leading place, position, rank, etc.: at the top of the class.
9. the highest point, pitch, or degree: to speak at the top of one's voice.
10. someone or something that occupies the highest or leading position.
11. (usually plural) one of the peaks or ridges of a high mountain range: Barrington Tops.
12. Poetic the most perfect example, type, etc.: the top of all honours.
13. the best or choicest part.
14. a covering or lid, as of a box, car, carriage, etc.
15. the head.
16. the crown of the head.
17. a blouse, T-shirt, jumper, jacket or other outer garment, sometimes with sleeves, which covers the torso.
18. Motor Vehicles a transmission gear providing the highest forward speed ratio, usually turning the drive shaft at the same rate as the engine crankshaft.
19. Nautical a platform surrounding the head of a lower mast on a ship, and serving as a foothold, a means of extending the upper rigging, etc.
20. Chemistry that part of a mixture under distillation which volatilises first.
21. Golf, etc.
a. a stroke above the centre of the ball, usually failing to give any height, distance, or accuracy.
b. the forward spin given to the ball by such a stroke.
22. (usually plural) Wool a continuous strand of untwisted fibres from which the shorter fibres, or noils, have been removed by combing.
23. See big top.
24. relating to, situated at, or forming the top; highest; uppermost; upper: the top shelf.
25. highest in degree; greatest: to pay top prices.
26. foremost, chief, or principal: to win top honours in a competition.
27. Colloquial the best; excellent: a top bloke; a top act.
28. denoting or relating to the highest forward gear on a vehicle.
verb (topped, topping)
verb (t)
29. to furnish with a top; put a top on.
30. to be at or constitute the top of.
31. to reach the top of.
32. to rise above: the sun had topped the horizon.
33. to exceed in height, amount, number, etc.
34. to surpass, excel, or outdo: that tops everything!
35. to come up to or go beyond the requirements of (a part or character).
36. to surmount with something specified.
37. to complete by or as by putting the top on or constituting the top of.
38. to remove the top of; crop; prune.
39. to get or leap over the top of (a fence, etc.).
40. Chemistry to distil off only the most volatile part of a mixture.
41. Golf, etc.
a. to hit (the ball) above the centre.
b. to make (a stroke, etc.) by hitting the ball in this way.
42. to top-dress (land).
43. Colloquial to execute, especially by hanging or beheading.
verb (i)
44. to rise aloft.
45. Golf, etc. to hit the ball above the centre.
46. be top of the pops, Colloquial to be extremely fashionable, popular, etc.
47. blow one's top, Colloquial to lose one's temper.
48. from the top, from the beginning.
49. from top to bottom (or toe), for the full length; completely.
50. off the top of one's head, in an impromptu or improvised fashion.
51. on top, successful; victorious; dominant.
52. on top of,
a. upon.
b. close upon; following upon.
c. displaying mastery of: it took me weeks to get on top of the backlog.
d. depressing or discouraging: sometimes things just get on top of me.
53. over the top,
a. Also, over the bags. Military over the top of a parapet, as in charging the enemy.
b. Colloquial extreme or excessive; beyond normal restraints or limits: his reaction was over the top.
54. sleep top and tail, to sleep with one person's head at one end of the bed and the other person's head at the other end.
55. (the) tops, Colloquial the very best: that book really is the tops.
56. top and tail,
a. to prepare (vegetables, especially beans) by cutting of the top and bottom.
b. to prepare (a baby) by washing its face and giving it a nappy change.
c. to prepare (a bed) by removing the bottom sheet and replacing it with the top sheet.
57. top off,
a. (sometimes followed by with) to complete with success.
b. to fatten (livestock) for market.
58. top of the morning, Colloquial (a morning greeting.)
59. top of the range, of the highest quality..
60. top oneself, Colloquial to commit suicide.
61. top someone off, Colloquial to inform or tell on someone.
62. top out at, Colloquial to peak at: temperatures will top out at 30°.
63. top up,
a. to fill by adding liquid to (a partly filled container).
b. to make an additional deposit of money into (an account) to make sure it does not fall into arrears: to top up a prepaid mobile phone account.
64. to top it off, in addition to all other misfortunes, grievances, etc.
65. up top, Colloquial
a. at the topmost end.
b. in a position of authority: those up top will take charge.
c. in the Northern Territory: tourism up top.
d. in the head: slow up top.
{Middle English and Old English topp summit, related to German Zopf pigtail, plait}
/tɒp / (say top)

1. spinning top.
2. sleep like a top, to sleep very soundly.
{Middle English and Old English}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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